Virtual Demo Day 2020

Please scroll down and browse through the introductory posters and videos of the current TLE projects in Spring 2020
Clicking on the poster thumb opens a larger version in a new tab.

Aaron So

CURA Box: The simplest way to take vitamins

Anthony Lam

CANTAURI: novel microscopes

LI Fang

MiniC: IoT in retailing

Glen Liu

AIRDATA: Autonomous aerial exploration

John Cheung

SynCord: Next Gen 3D printing

Justin Chan

MM Community: Financing for civic services

Kuan Fu Liu

AiGo: AI empowered reality capturing

Min Choi

Aromeo: Discover smart wellness

Robert Robson

ASMOND: Scalable Computer Network Security

Samuel Chan

EASYStairs: Scheduling system for elderly care

Ayegba Shem Ikoojo

PROKYOOR: Low-cost housing estates

Taylor Tsang

SOULMATE: A chatbot to connect to your soul

Winnie Lam

App for behavioral analysis of children

Alex Kwok

COXA: AIOT Modular platform

Yini Yue

FAI: Smart fundraising

Gabi Fung

Deep Learning tehcnology for dyslexia

Jack Chen

HEYPAY: traveler's wallet

Jean-Baptiste GRASSIN

NeoPlastic: local recyling

Jessie Wu, Oscar Molin

PhoMedics: Real-time surgical tissue imaging

Joey Chen

StarPot: Fan crowdfunding

Joy Xu

MONEY IN: personal investment tutor

Kenny Oktavius

POINT: Smart wearable for athletes

Mia Liu Chen

Automnomous Gecko-inspired grasping robot hands

Michael Fung

ThermalPLUS: Infrared thermal imaging

Ruth Ngan

Solar-powered desalination of salt-water

Tion Chu

LawConnect: legal aid for minorities

TLE is the cross-disciplinary MPhil program of HKUST
managed by the Division of Integrative Systems & Design